Joseph Scheidler

Joseph Scheidler

May 9, 2011

Joseph Scheidler, regarded by many as the “godfather of the pro-life movement,” sees the mood shifting in the United States on the abortion issue and predicts pro-lifers eventually “will prevail.”

He said: “There is a mood change in the country.

A lot of our legislators are actually getting backbone and they are beginning to stand up for the rights for the unborn.”

The president and founder of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Scheidler made the comments in a recent telephone interview with Catholic News Service.

In Chicago in early April, more than 400 people paid tribute to him at an evening banquet organized by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

“The polls now show that the majority of people call themselves pro-life.

There has been a lot of media exposure with Planned Parenthood and it has exposed a lot on abortion.

It’s becoming more and more of a negative thing than it was in 1973,” Scheidler told CNS, referring to the year of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.