March 28, 2011

Bobby Schindler said he can see parallels between the case of a Canadian infant known as "Baby Joseph" and the situation of his late sister, Terry Schiavo, who died in 2005 13 days after a court ordered her feeding tube removed.

Joseph Maraachli, a 13-month-old London, Ont., boy suffering from a progressive neurodegenerative disease, is getting a second chance at treatment after being transported to a Catholic hospital in St. Louis.

The baby and his father, Moe Maraachli, were taken by private plane to St. Louis where the infant was admitted to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center March 13, ending the family's battle with a London hospital that sought to withdraw the breathing tube that was keeping the seriously ill boy alive.

According to court papers, a doctor treating the child had recommended the tube be removed and he be allowed to die, saying "all cranial nerve functions were absent and he has no hope for recovery."

The baby's parents wanted doctors to give him a tracheotomy and keep him on a ventilator so they could care for him at home.

In an interview March 15, Schindler said all the Maraachli family wanted was to eventually be able to bring their baby home.

He remembered all his family wanted was to bring Terri home.