January 31, 2011
Archbishop Daniel Bohan

Archbishop Daniel Bohan

Regina Archbishop Daniel Bohan said government leaders need to take "skilful action" to guarantee freedom of conscience of citizens.

Bohan was reacting to a Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruling that stated proposed legislation allowing marriage commissioners to refuse to marry same-sex couples is discriminatory and does not meet the requirements of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The issue arose when a marriage commissioner refused to marry a same-sex couple because it was contrary to his Baptist faith.

Bohan issued a pastoral letter Jan. 16 saying, "of supreme importance is the necessity of guaranteeing a Canadian's freedom to act in accord with their conscience."

"The threat of loss of one's job and employment certainly raises the spectre of coercion upon a person if it is demanded of that person that he or she do something that they believe to be wrong in order to keep their livelihood," he wrote.