December 2, 2013

Pope Francis said he goes to Confession every two weeks, knowing that God never tires of forgiving those who repent, but also knowing that having a priest say “I absolve you” reinforces belief in God’s mercy.

Pope Francis said he knows some people are embarrassed to confess their sins to a priest, but it is the best path to spiritual healing and health.

At his weekly general audience Nov. 20, Pope Francis reflected on the forgiveness of sins.

In a world often dominated by “individualism and subjectivism,” he said, many people – including many Catholics – say God will forgive their sins and they have no need of the sacrament of Confession.

“Certainly, God forgives every repentant sinner, but the Christian is bound to Christ and Christ is united to his Church,” the pope said.

“God, in his sovereign mercy, forgives everyone, but he wanted those who belong to Christ and his Church to receive forgiveness through the community’s ministers.”