Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

October 7, 2013

People will not find Jesus by hanging out in first-class lounges or in the library, but by being out and about in the real world and in prayer, Pope Francis said.

And following him will not be easy because “Jesus creates problems,” the pope said Sept. 26 during his morning Mass in his residence of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

“You can’t know Jesus without getting involved with him, without betting your life on him,” he said.

According to the day’s Gospel reading in Luke, King Herod wanted to know this man who was called a prophet.

People were beginning to be afraid of this man “because he may bring about political strife with the Romans” and cause problems, the pope said.

Well, “Jesus creates problems,” he added.

“You can’t know Jesus without having problems, and I would venture to say: ‘If you want to have problems, go out on the road to know Jesus. You won’t have one, you’ll have many,’” he said.