Archbishop Francis Chullikatt

Archbishop Francis Chullikatt

March 25, 2013

Catholic individuals, institutions and organizations are at the forefront of a worldwide effort to make violence against women unthinkable, according to speakers at a UN event March 13.

“Violence against women continues to be a tragic reality for women and girls around the globe,” said Archbishop Francis Chullikatt, papal nuncio to the United Nations, who convened the meeting.

“From violence and exploitation in conflict settings to violence or abuse in the home, women and girls face a shameful continuum of violence and abuse throughout their entire lives,” he said.

“At the root of so many of these immoral and dehumanizing acts of violence is the inability of society to acknowledge the inalienable dignity and worth of all women and girls, especially the most vulnerable.”

Chullikatt said the law must recognize and respond to crimes against women and girls, who must have access to justice.