December 3, 2012

Catholics in the Vancouver Archdiocese have a new way to find out where to attend Mass.

Meet the Vancouver Catholic Official Archdiocesan App, a free online key that brings Mass times to iPhone users.

“Search for ‘Vancouver Catholic’ in the App Store and download it for free,” said Davide Zilioli, the app’s creator.

“This can be done directly on the iPhone or on a Macintosh or a PC computer.”

When the app is opened, a map pops up on the iPhone’s screen.

A small green arrow pinpoints the user’s location, while black markers represent every church in the archdiocese.

Tapping on a specific black marker gives you the church name.

Another tap, this time on the church name, gives a cornucopia of information in an easy-to-read format, led by the church’s address.

Most important, Mass, confession, and devotion times are displayed.

The app is available online at