Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict

October 29, 2012

Ignorance of the faith puts Christians at risk of following a “do-it-yourself” religion, Pope Benedict said.

People need to become more familiar with the creed because it is there that the “Christian moral life is planted and . . . one finds its foundation and justification,” the pope said Oct. 17.

The pope began a new series of audience talks to accompany the Year of Faith.

He said he hopes the series of talks will help people “strengthen or rediscover the joy of faith and realize that it isn’t something foreign to or separate from everyday life, but is its soul.”

Pope Benedict said the widespread and dominant nature of today’s secularism, individualism and relativism means that even Christians are not completely “immune from these dangers.”

Without a clear idea of the faith’s fundamental truths and the uniquely salvific nature of Christianity, “the risk of constructing a so-called ‘do-it-yourself’ religion is not remote today.”