Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates

August 20, 2012

Under the headline “birth control and disinformation,” the Vatican newspaper took to task Melinda Gates, wife of the Microsoft founder, who announced in early July that the couple’s foundation would give $560 million during the next eight years to increase women’s access to artificial contraception.

Written by Giulia Galeotti, a frequent contributor on abortion and other life issues, the article on the front page of the July 29 L’Osservatore Romano said Gates is free to make charitable donations to whomever she wants, but not to spread incorrect information.

In a July 10 interview with The Guardian, a British newspaper, Gates identified herself as a practising Catholic who “struggled” with the idea of publicly opposing Church teaching to promote a project aimed at giving 120 million women in developing countries access to contraceptives by 2020.

In the Vatican newspaper piece, Galeotti wrote, “The American philanthropist” is the victim of “bad information and persistent stereotypes on this theme.”