December 19, 2011
Sr. Margaret McBride

Sr. Margaret McBride

A Mercy sister who was automatically excommunicated because of her role on the ethics committee that allowed an abortion to be performed at a Catholic hospital in Phoenix in 2009 is back in good standing in the Catholic Church.

In May 2010, officials at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center said an abortion was performed on a woman who was 11 weeks pregnant and suffered from a condition the hospital said carried a near-certain risk of death for the mother if the pregnancy continued.

It also was revealed at the time that Mercy Sister Margaret McBride had incurred automatic excommunication because of her role on the ethics committee that sanctioned the abortion.

As well, Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted announced that the hospital could no longer identify itself as a Catholic hospital.

In a Dec. 8 statement, the hospital said McBride has since "met the requirements for reinstatement with the Church and she is no longer excommunicated.