July 25, 2011
Bishop John Magee

Bishop John Magee

A judicial report into the handling of allegations of child sexual abuse against clerics in the Diocese of Cloyne, Ireland, has concluded that the Church's own guidelines were "not fully or consistently implemented" in the diocese as recently as 2008.

The report also said Cloyne Bishop John Magee admitted to what has been described as inappropriate behaviour with a young man.

It said the bishop embraced him, kissed him and told the young aspirant for the priesthood that he loved him.

The report also records for the first time stark disagreement among Irish bishops over whether Magee — a former secretary to three popes — should quit as bishop of Cloyne.

In December 2008, the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church said he was using child safeguarding policies that were "inadequate and, in some respects, dangerous."

Magee resigned as bishop of Cloyne in March 2010.