June 13, 2011

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin chided Vatican officials for delaying release of a report of last year's apostolic visitation investigating the Irish Church's past handling of clergy sex abuse cases and current procedures for preventing abuse.

Addressing international delegates and the pontifical committee for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress in 2012 June 2, Martin criticized the "slowness in the process" of making known the findings of the visit.

Describing himself as "impatient to learn about the path that the apostolic visitation will set out for renewal for the Irish Church so that our renewal will move forward decisively," the archbishop said his criticism was not aimed at Pope Benedict, whose commitment to the Irish church he called "remarkable."

Instead, he laid blame at the door of the pope's "collaborators."

Warning that the greater the delay in making public the findings of the visitation the greater the danger it would create "false expectations," Martin said the report would also act as an "encouragement to those who prefer immobilization to reform."