October 18, 2010
Kim Bombak and her baby were among those who came to pray for life Oct. 8 across from the Morgentaler clinic.


Kim Bombak and her baby were among those who came to pray for life Oct. 8 across from the Morgentaler clinic.


EDMONTON – On her way to pray across from the abortion clinic, Carolyn Towle saw a sign from God that provided inspiration in her goal to end abortion.

"On my way here this morning, there was a little bit of a rainbow in the sky. So it was a reminder, I think, from the Lord of his covenant, his promise," said Towle. "I'm sure he will be with us in prayer this morning as we pray the rosary."

She and other Edmonton and area pro-lifers are trying to transform people's attitudes towards abortion.

During 40 Days for Life, people take part in a vigil across from Women's Health Options at 12409-109A Ave. The goal is to awaken the city to the fact that every human being, from conception onwards, has the right to life.

The goal was to have people praying 24/7 for the full 40 days, from Sept. 22 to Oct. 31. Edmonton organizers were unable to find enough people, however, and at times no one is keeping vigil.

Towle participated in the campaign three years ago, and returned Oct. 8 with a group of five women, all friends.

"If we had a more concerted effort from every parish in the city - we have over 40 parishes - we could probably fill each day with a different parish," said Towle.

All Catholics can be prayer warriors, and collectively can help put an end to abortion through diligent prayers and fasting, she said.

"This is an important cause for us as moms and women in our communities, so we're here to pray for other women," said Kim Bombak, a parishioner at St. Vital Parish in Beaumont.

Since the "moms group" meets on a regular basis anyway, coming together for a pro-life cause was easy for them to arrange. She wanted to show pregnant women there is support for them, and she hopes that a few will change their minds about aborting their babies.

Alberta Life Issues Educational Society (ALIES) is not directly affiliated with the 40 Days for Life effort. The Back Porch is not a base for the vigil.

However, Amanda Gaudet, ALIES executive director, said they support the campaign and believe prayer is essential to winning the battle for life.

While the women do not know how their presence across from the abortion clinic affects others, Elizabeth Woytuik continues having faith that through their prayer God will do what is necessary, and babies' lives will be saved.

Woytuik used to work in the same neighbourhood as the abortion clinic and thought about the clinic whenever she drove by. She would read in the WCR about people coming out and praying, and decided to do the same.

"I'm a little bit nervous, a little anxious," Woytuik said. "Throughout our lives we all have experience with the culture of death in our society, so it is a little bit anxiety-ridden, but on the other hand it feels hopeful."

For information, call Karen Richert at 780-425-1637 or visit the website at www.40DaysforLife.com/Edmonton.