June 27, 2016

OTTAWA - The Liberal government's euthanasia and assisted suicide Bill C-14 received royal assent and became law June 17.

Earlier in the day, after heated debate, senators voted 44 to 28 to accept amendments to the bill approved by the House of Commons the previous day by a 190 to 108 vote.

Both in the House of Commons and the Senate, opposition to the bill included some staunchly pro-life opponents. As well, some opposed the bill because they believe eligibility for euthanasia or assisted suicide is not broad enough and therefore unconstitutional.

Further, many staunch opponents of euthanasia voted for the bill, on grounds having a bill provides better safeguards for the vulnerable than having no bill at all.

The Senate amended the bill to remove the requirement for a patient's death to be "reasonably foreseeable" after some contended the Supreme Court of Canada decision wanted a much broader definition of who will be eligible for assisted suicide.

However, the House of Commons rejected that amendment and sent the bill back to the Senate where the bill received final approval.