Pastor Reg Smith, assisted by others, prays over a woman following his talk at the charismatic prayer breakfast March 12.


Pastor Reg Smith, assisted by others, prays over a woman following his talk at the charismatic prayer breakfast March 12.

March 21, 2016

Pastor Reg Smith was at the University of Alberta Hospital waiting for his dad to come out of a bypass surgery when the surgeon called down and said, "We can't start your father's heart."

Smith had seen the Lord miraculously heal his father of seven heart attacks and a major stroke before, so he asked the surgeon if he could come to the surgical unit to pray.

Against hospital policy, he was walked into the operating room where he saw his father lying on the bed, his chest wide open. The surgeon instructed everyone in the operating room to bow their heads as he prayed.

"I said, 'Lord, I know you could heal my dad; I've seen you heal him before. But if he's with you, and I know he is, I just release him to you.'"

He left the operating room and went down and told his family his dad had died.

Smith, senior pastor at Christ Family Fellowship Church, shared this story as the guest speaker at the Edmonton Catholic Charismatic Prayer Breakfast on March 12.

Although there was apparently no miracle that day, two weeks after the death of Smith's father, the pastor's cousin called. A friend of his, a nurse at the university hospital, had told him about a girl who was in the operating room at the time of his dad's death.

The girl said a man came into the room and wanted to pray for his dad. She said the minute he walked into the room, she felt someone else in the room also.

Out of her experience at the death of Smith's dad, the woman gave her heart to the Lord.

"I've had so many experiences like that, when you don't think that God is doing anything, then he does something so supernatural, it blows your mind," he said.

Smith told of other miracles and victories he has seen since dedicating his life to the Lord, delivering this message he received from God:

"He said, 'Tell my people I will answer their prayers. I'm a faithful God, I'm a loving God, I'm a caring God."


Born and raised in the Pentecostal Church, a young rebellious Smith experimented with drugs. After a three-day high from drugs laced with chemicals, he called out to God, saying, "I can't take this anymore."

He was set free, yielded to the call of God on his life and has never had a desire to go back.

Smith and his wife of 33 years Rhonda have three grown children and four foster children.

He watched God transform one of his sons who was with his family for nine years, from a wounded boy into a young man who serves the Lord with all his heart.

"It's just exciting to see what God could do to hurting people."


Smith told of the many miracles he has seen, including his sister-in-law being healed from stage four lung cancer.

One year, his church had a revival every night of the week. People were joining in droves from across the city as miracle after miracle took place. Then, it was like the Lord shut the tap off, said Smith.

"The Lord said, 'Whenever I move and men begin to claim the movement, I'll shut it down. I want all the glory and all the praise.'"

After that year, people began to leave the church in droves.

"They came for the miracles; they didn't come for me," the Lord told him. "What I have caused to remain here are the people whose hearts are for me and not just for the signs and wonders."


The Lord promised him that he would see things he has never seen, hear things he has never heard and believe for things he has never believed for.

"Because you love me," the Lord told him.

Through it all, Smith has not been discouraged. "I'm going ahead and I'm going deeper."