Randy Haluza-DeLay

Randy Haluza-DeLay

May 4, 2015

Climate change will have different effects in different places, says Randy Haluza-DeLay, a sociology professor at The King's University.

"The whole planet is changing at an unprecedented speed," Haluza-DeLay said, noting that the impact of climate change will be localized.

"We must think about how we do justice to the other people that we share the earth with and the other creatures that are part of creation," he said.

The year 2014 was the hottest in recorded history and Feb. 14, 2015 marked 30 years that global temperatures have been above average. There is glacier retreat in Alberta and all over the world.

"Climate change is real and is an issue of justice because there is an unfair distribution of the effects of climate change," Haluza-DeLay said.

"The most vulnerable are the most affected."

Emissions primarily from fossil fuels have become the most significant influence on climate change.

Haluza-DeLay said to mitigate the problem 80 per cent of known fossil fuels need to stay in the ground.