Fr. Jim Corrigan plays cameraman at the media launch of Shalom Media Catholic charismatic TV channel while other city priests look on.


Fr. Jim Corrigan plays cameraman at the media launch of Shalom Media Catholic charismatic TV channel while other city priests look on.

March 17, 2014

Shalom Media's Catholic charismatic TV channel will soon be supplementing the pastoral efforts of the Church. The new 24/7 satellite TV channel will broadcast to English-speaking viewers worldwide.

Shalom Media has eight production houses in the United States, with its main headquarters in Sacramento, Calif.

A handful of priests from the Edmonton Archdiocese, as well as several Shalom Media representatives, were present for the official launch of the new Edmonton production unit, held Feb. 28 to March 1 at the Nova Hotel in Edmonton.

Varkey Kalapurayil, Shalom Media's regional coordinator for Edmonton, said that representatives of Shalom Peace Fellowship prayed, and God indicated where they should set up production units.

One opened in Toronto last year. Three more have since been set up in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

"We decided that we could record a lot of Catholic events from our Edmonton Archdiocese, and we can record priests who do good sermons, and when they celebrate Holy Mass we can broadcast them on live telecasts," said Kalapurayil.

Dubbed Shalom Meet Canada, the March 1 blessing was led by Father Jim Corrigan, pastor at St. Theresa's Parish. Corrigan said Shalom will bring more faithful people to the Church and he extended his sincere support to the Catholic evangelizing media ministry.

About 150 Shalom Peace Fellowship members were present. They are workers with Shalom Media's other ventures, such as the magazine and newspaper.

The TV network is currently accessible on cable TV in India. In North America, it is only available via the Internet.

"Eventually, once we launch the Shalom World Channel on April 27, the same day Pope John Paul II becomes a saint, we will be starting to broadcast through cable TV in Europe. Once we get permission in Europe, we will next be broadcasting in Western Canada if we get the customer support," said Kalapurayil.

The TV station will be commercial free.


To launch the new channel and contribute to world evangelization, they are in need of 2,000 monthly pledges of $100.

"The network is based on charismatic Catholic faith themes, but everyone can access it. It's for families, individuals, everyone. There will be spiritual talks, Masses, the rosary, and anything to help people upturn their faith," said Kalapurayil.

In the 1980s, a group of young men in Kerala, India, realized that the troubles brewing in families, society and the world in general were due to a lack of peace in human hearts. They sought to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They envisioned using the modern means of communication to spread the word of God.


They eventually established Shalom Media, led by Chevalier Benny Punnathara. Their aim is to bring true and lasting shalom – which means "peace" – to individuals and families through prayer, guidance and spiritual messages delivered through all forms of media, including print, TV and Internet.

In 1991, Shalom Times, a Christian magazine in Malayalam, published its first issue. In 1996, Shalom Tidings, a Christian magazine in English, was launched. In 1997, Shalom began ministering via the Internet.

Today, the ministries of Shalom Media include Shalom Times, a monthly Christian magazine; Sophia Books, which prints inspirational Christian works in various languages; Shalom Television, broadcasting a 24/7 Catholic charismatic channel in Malayalam language; and Shalom Festivals, worldwide festivals that attract cardinals and bishops to spiritually enrich the lives of young people.