October 14, 2013

Larry Kowalczyk

Larry Kowalczyk

Raised in a strong Catholic family and educated in the Catholic School District of Prince Albert, Sask.

Received my bachelor of education from the University of Saskatchewan and a graduate diploma in educational administration from the University of Alberta.

Taught in the Edmonton Catholic School District for 28 years.

Appointed by the minister of education to serve as a panel member on the Alberta Attendance Board.

Working with Alberta Education in the area of field testing PAT exams.

Committed to serving my community and church (lector and finance committee member). My wife and I have been teaching the Baptism preparation course for the parish since 2008.

I am a strong advocate for Catholic education and believe that:

We must celebrate and promote our Catholic identity. Preservation must be a priority and we should not take this right for granted. We must show the distinctiveness of the Catholic education we provide versus what is provided in a public school.

Government funding is necessary. Securing adequate, predictable and sustainable funding is greatly needed to ensure the modernization of older schools and building of new schools.

We must demonstrate good stewardship of all resources. This means promoting, developing and enhancing a variety of programs so as to best meet the needs of all students. There must be equity in all schools. I have been advocating for north end equity. A child in the north end should experience the same educational advantages that a south side child has.

I am a voice for all Catholic stakeholders in Ward 72 and encourage the engagement of the Church, the schools and the parents in collaborative educational planning.

I am committed to representing Catholic families in a thoughtful, respectful, and thorough manner concerning the excellence in education for all Catholic students.

Dan Posa

Dan Posa

Being an Edmonton Catholic Schools trustee is an awesome responsibility and constituents can have confidence in my ability to govern successfully for reasons noted below.

First, I have the necessary leadership experience. After teaching junior high school, I quickly moved into administration with Edmonton Public Schools and became the business manager at Continuing Education Services. I led a staff of 26 people, managed seven different school facilities, co-managed Edmonton Public Schools' summer school program, developed and managed a large operational budget, and was part of the team that built Center High in downtown Edmonton.

I never ran a deficit budget at this organization; in fact, surpluses were the norm during my tenure.

I currently sit on the board of directors for the Edmonton Apartment Association and am moving into a vice president's position with that organization. My career experience has thoroughly prepared me for the role of Catholic trustee.

Second, I have several key initiatives I would like to work on: ensuring the success of the Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation, lobbying for additional provincial funding, partnering with a variety of organizations to pay for hot lunch programs (and fund key projects), ensuring the modernization of O'Leary High School, building new schools, and expanding early education programs.

My primary goal is to ensure that Edmonton Catholic Schools is the district of choice in every respect for parents, students, and staff.

Third, I see my role as trustee as an opportunity to serve the Catholic community, and to engage deeply in my faith as a Catholic in a key leadership position.

I am committed to governing with an attitude of respect, humility and love. I am an advocate for publicly-funded Catholic education, and have made this the mission of my working life – I could have no greater aim than this.