October 14, 2013

Jennifer Chahal

Jennifer Chahal

If you believe change is needed in our district, vote Jennifer Chahal, Ward 73, on Oct. 21.

What motivates me to take on this position is that I know I can bring about change.

My family belongs to St. Dominic Savio Parish. My husband Perry and I have three children, two that attend St. Dominic School in Ward 73. As a mother, I am driven to provide our children the best educational experience.

As a mother and a teacher, I see that our system is breaking. I have been teaching since 2003 and have been with ECSD since 2007.

I have firsthand experience in the schools throughout Ward 73 and the district. I know what the schools are lacking and I know what our students need to succeed.

The board's primary responsibility is, "the achievement of students." The board is not fulfilling their responsibility.

Schools throughout the district are not being funded adequately, classroom sizes are too large, we are not keeping up with 21st century learning in all schools, inclusive classrooms are not supported adequately, and early learning programs should be made available to all families.

I believe in the value of Catholic education and want to ensure that my children and your children will continue in the future to have the opportunity to grow and learn in a Catholic environment.

Our board needs change to bring change. The quality of our educational environment is falling. If you want to ensure that the students enrolled with Edmonton Catholic Schools will have the best environment to succeed, vote Jennifer Chahal, Ward 73.

For more information, please visit my website at VoteForJen.com, follow me on twitter @Jen_Chahal , or find me on Facebook at Jennifer Chahal Ward 73 Edmonton Catholic school board trustee candidate. God Bless.

Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis

My name is Michelle Davis and I am running for Catholic trustee in Ward 73. A lot of people have asked me over the past few months why I am running for trustee.

I was raised in a Catholic family and spent all my educational years attending Catholic school. It is with that basis that I want to ensure Catholic education stays strong in every community.

With a daughter in the district, I want the board of trustees to put children first and ensure a Catholic future for her and for your children.

I am a strong advocate for Catholic education and as trustee it is my intention to:

Keep Catholic schools open in every community.

Pressure the government to adequately fund education.

Ensure that resources are spent with maximum benefit to students.

Use my Catholic faith to guide all educational decisions.

Ensure that the board evaluates the superintendent and administration regularly.

I have had the opportunity to see the current board in action and I cannot help but feel they are no longer objective. I feel some of them have been in their positions too long and have become overly comfortable in their roles.

As such, their objectives do not always appear to be in the best interest of our children.

I am offering a fresh perspective, a promise to serve the needs of the community and to better the Catholic school system though the teachings of Jesus.

(Email: mymazoo@telus.net; Facebook: Vote for Michelle Davis).

Cindy Olsen

Cindy Olsen

I am excited to be seeking another term as trustee for Edmonton Catholic Schools - Ward 73. My platform is one based on respect, relationship and responsibility. I believe that I am responsible to you.

I have experience and a proven track record. As a result of listening to stakeholders and constituents, I have developed several initiatives, examples of which can be found on my website.

I have worked in concert with parents, school councils, communities, district administration, Church, associations and all levels of government to address numerous and diverse issues including inclusion, class size and composition, governance, high school graduation rates, the Education Act, assessment, funding and infrastructure.

I have worked successfully and in collaboration with schools, district and community in Ward 73 to develop strategies to increase enrolments and program viability of community schools.

I have built solid relationships and have the credibility and knowledge to advance strategies which deal with today's realities and give students the tools, skills and perspectives to move toward an exciting future.

I know that together you and I can transform the many challenges ahead into 21st century learning opportunities. I am not driven to run on any one specific issue. There are many issues and they are complex and often interrelated.

I believe in moving forward, not focusing on the past except to take forward what we can learn from it.

I will continue to respond to all stakeholders, thoroughly research issues and emerging educational directions, and make decisions that are innovative, responsible and reflect public will, while creating opportunity for the best possible education for all students.

I encourage you to check out my website at www.cindyolsen.ca and watch me in action by accessing the online video of our public meetings at www.ecsd.net.

(meartho@telus.net; 780-405-1535)