March 11, 2013

Christians must be willing to risk civil disobedience and suffer its consequences as Western society lapses into denial of objective truth, says McGill University professor Douglas Farrow.

At a March 2 event sponsored by the Ottawa Catholic Physicians' Guild, Farrow said the Christian notion of freedom is "in great jeopardy."

Many do not wish to be reminded, or do not want to know the objective truth about man and about God, he said.

"Governments and NGOs in Europe and the Americas are almost routinely demanding that Catholics accommodate themselves to things that are morally unacceptable," said Farrow, a professor of Christian thought.

He urged the renouncing of "the contraceptive mentality" and related features of our society, especially where the "government allies with ideological and economic forces to enforce it."

Christians "must practise self-denial," he said. "They must proclaim that the body is the Lord's." And, they must preach that "the body is for the Lord and the Lord for the body."

This may land us in trouble.

"We have learned and are learning we cannot rely on an appeal to religious freedom," said Farrow. "When morality is divorced from faith and faith from morality, religious freedom is immediately suspect."

Farrow said our notion of human rights and religious freedom is rooted in the Christian faith, but these foundations have been eroded as society veers towards relativism and confusion.

"Christian freedom is not freedom from inconvenience, or even from fines or incarceration. It is freedom for God - freedom for God and for the neighbour."