Mitzi Crowe

Mitzi Crowe

February 25, 2013

She knew what she wanted and if she had a goal, you had to help her get it. Mitzi Crowe knew how to get things done.

That's why the Alberta-Mackenzie Catholic Women's League elected her as its leader and Archbishop Joseph MacNeil named her secretary of the papal visit committee in 1984.

Crowe worked part-time in the Chancery Office for many years and was well loved.

"We saw she was a wonderful person, she was very organized and she loved the pope so her appointment (to the papal visit committee) was just natural," recalled MacNeil.

"There were several people on the committee but she was the person who kept everything in order. I was told that the Holy Father said this was the best organized visit he had made in any of the dioceses."

Crowe was blessed to receive Holy Communion from John Paul II during the visit and later received a medal from the pope for her service to the Church.


"I'll remember her as somebody with a wonderful smile, somebody who was very warm and somebody who became very much involved in implementing the teachings of the Second Vatican Council," MacNeil said.

When Crowe's children had grown up and gone on their way, she and one of her friends decided to go to university and get bachelor's degrees.

"So at 65 years of age she and her friend graduated with a bachelor's degree to show women of all ages that university education was open to them to help them be better leaders, better people," MacNeil said.

Crowe, 88, died peacefully Feb. 5 with her family by her side. A member of St. Michael/Resurrection Parish, she served as both archdiocesan and provincial president of the CWL.

She also did volunteer work for Newman Theological College and the Friars of Edmonton, and served as chair of the board of directors for the Western Catholic Reporter.

"She had a very good sense of humour and was very spunky," recalls former CWL diocesan and provincial president Connie McBride, who worked under Crowe's wing in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mary-Anne Warren, another former provincial CWL president, remembers Crowe as very focused.

"Mitzi was a very organized person. She had a goal, she knew what she wanted and she knew how to obtain it," Warren recalls. "She knew the people to contact to help her get there."

Warren said Crowe liked to get tasks going for the parish CWL councils so everyone was working towards goals to better the women of the Church.


"When she helped with the pope's visit, she visualized flags and banners because she wanted this to be a joyous occasion and so she got teams of women who would help her attain that."

Natalie Carley, former CWL president for the Grouard-McLennan Archdiocese and then provincial president, described Crowe as active, lively and very socially aware.

She helped the CWL start shelters for women and native girls. When Alberta decided to allow stores to open on Sunday, Crowe actively encouraged CWL members to protest the measure for the sake of the family, Carley said.