November 22, 2010


KAMLOOPS, B.C. — Some 165 students and staff from Our Lady of Perpetual Help School gathered in the parish centre to pose with the quilt they made for Bishop David Monroe.

"For seven years now, the staff and students at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School have been making prayer quilts for people in their community, young and old, who are in need of prayers," says Principal Rose Nowicki.

"When the school received news of the injuries to Bishop Monroe as a result of the attack on Oct. 22, it was quickly decided by the staff of the school that a prayer quilt was in order."

Students worked in pairs to complete a quilt block with a prayer message and their personal artwork. Staff members created their own blocks, expressing their love of and support for the bishop. Their creators signed all of the blocks.

When the blocks were completed, a group of volunteer staff members assembled the quilt top and quilted the layers.

The colours chosen for the quilt are the colours of Monroe's coat of arms.

"We hope that this quilt will literally wrap Bishop Monroe in the love and prayers of the children and the staff during his recovery," says Nowicki.