Pam DeLuca helps out at the Edmonton Food Bank.


Pam DeLuca helps out at the Edmonton Food Bank.

February 6, 2012

EDMONTON — Leading the charge of Women Against Poverty, the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council of the Catholic Women’s League decided to take action.

They chose to perform acts of service as part of their midwinter meeting. On Jan. 27, 13 members and their spiritual advisor, Father Jim Corrigan, split into two groups and spent the afternoon in service.

One group went to shop for sundries and toiletries for Hope Mission. These items were delivered by: provincial officers Yvette Foster, Vi Lake, Cathy Bouchard, and diocesan presidents Suzanne Sherry (Calgary) and Gladys Brown (Edmonton).

The second group, consisting of provincial officers Dorothy Johansen, Fran Lucas, Pam DeLuca, June Fuller and Annamaria Matsui, spiritual advisor Corrigan and diocesan representatives Lynne Rypien (St. Paul), Gwen Elliott (Edmonton) and Teresa Hickey (Mackenzie-Fort Smith).

They volunteered their services at the Edmonton Food Bank. Following a tour and training, the group eagerly began the task of sorting and stocking shelves with donated foods.

This was an education for our members and aligned with our national theme Centred on Faith and Justice.

(Annamaria Matsui is the communications chair for the Alberta-Mackenzie Provincial CWL Council.)