Sr. Margaret Scott

Sr. Margaret Scott

November 7, 2011

MONTREAL – Not realizing how well she would be received, Sister Margaret Scott brought only 17 copies of her book to her talk on the Eucharist and its relation to social justice.

The audience at her Oct. 15 talk in Pointe-Claire bought so many copies, she left empty handed.

Scott, currently based in Pennsylvania, is a member of the Spanish order Handmaid of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

British by birth, she has worked on missionary and social justice projects worldwide, notably in Chile from 1992-1997. It is from this experience that Scott draws her view on the Eucharist.

"In the words of the consecration 'Do this in memory of me' goes beyond repeating the Mass. This refers also to sharing with others, making sure that there is enough food for everyone to eat," she said.

That insight seemed to make quite an impact on the audience, according to Father Ernie Schibli of St. Edward the Confessor Mission, which hosted the talk.


"Not only is it 'meet again' for eucharistic celebrations, but also to do what Jesus did. The 'do' goes beyond meeting for the Eucharist, and extends to Jesus' love for the poor and so on . . . that seemed to strike people," he told the Catholic Times.

Schibli explained that a parishioner had read Scott's book, The Eucharist and Social Justice, and thought she would make an excellent speaker.