July 25, 2011

MONTREAL - When Bishop-elect Thomas Dowd is ordained to the episcopacy on Sept. 10 as auxiliary bishop of Montreal, he will become the second youngest bishop in the world.

Dowd, 40, plans to continue blogging, a hobby he has pursued as a priest at fatherdowd.net/blog since 2003.

He began the blog because people in the parish he served only saw him on Sundays and wondered what he did during the other days of the week.

"So many amazing things happen as a priest," he said. "Honestly, it's a great life. If a person wants to lead a boring life don't go into the priesthood."

"Here I am experiencing all these blessings. People like to know about them, so I'll use the blog as a medium," he said. He planned on one post per day on an event of that day to open to readers "the mysterious world of what priests do and what a priest's life is like."

The response has been "phenomenal." Dowd described the blog as a "tool to build communion and bring parishioners closer to him."

So when Dowd responded to a summons to meet with the apostolic nuncio in Ottawa in early July, the nuncio encouraged him to continue blogging as a bishop.

When he was informed the pope had named him a bishop, Dowd was stunned. The nuncio, Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana, continued: "It's true that you are young, but this is a defect time will take care of on its own."