February 3, 2014

With the call for us to be focused on the new evangelization, doesn't it seem counter-productive to cancel the only Catholic communication available, via the Western Catholic Reporter, that actually gets to the homes and into the hands of practising and non-practising Catholics?

According to the new series Evangelization by Father Robert Barron, only 25 per cent of sacramentalized Catholics actually practise; six per cent in Quebec (2013 statistics).

So, yes, the rest of us are picking up the tab via our parish donations to pay for their subscriptions. However, I see this as a means to evangelization and feel it should be a priority expense in any parish or diocesan budget for that reason. It is an umbilical cord keeping non churchgoers in touch.

Any different from our tax system? Imagine the outcry if we cut off medical or social aid to people who do not pay for it by their taxes.

If we continue to sacramentalize through Baptism, Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony to non-practising Catholics, then surely we have a responsibility to keep in touch and the only sure way of doing that is by way of a Catholic newspaper.

With the popularity of Pope Francis there is even more chance they might read it now. I hope the archdiocese rethinks this decision.

B.R. McLaughlin
Sherwood Park