August 26, 2013

Despite the unprecedented damage and trauma surrounding the flood experience in southern Alberta, we have all witnessed incredible rescue efforts and an experience of solidarity beyond our wildest dreams.

The front page feature – “Olds Catholics go all out to help flooded High River” (WCR, July 22) – has been imitated and replicated many times over.

The flood experience for us is characterized by both darkness and light. Part of the darkness is the destruction, suffering, pain, dislocation, discouragement and despair.

Part of the light is the compassion, generosity, hope, volunteers, the bridging and community building that has followed. It is the repeatable living paradox of death and life, the cross and the resurrection.

The general resiliency and generosity of people are awe- inspiring. The rebuilding needs are enormous.

I want to thank the volunteers from St. Stephen’s Parish in Olds and all your readers for their help and assistance in helping to push back some of the darkness and for instilling hope.

F.B. Henry
Bishop of Calgary