August 26, 2013

Re: “St. Angela’s Parish closes its doors” (WCR, July 22).

It is with sadness that we learn of the closure of another parish in Edmonton when it seems to me that there is little need for such action if only the powers that be took a somewhat different approach to parish operation and/or management.

It seems to me that the Catholic Church has continued to use a model of operation that might have been appropriate many, many years ago, but no longer is the case.

Sure, there is a shortage of priests – so some think if it is assumed that all parishes must be managed by a priest.

But there is no need for a priest to manage a parish. For hundreds of years, that was not the case in much of what used to be known as the New World.

As noted in an earlier letter to the editor on the need to rethink the idea of a parish, if priests turned over the responsibility to manage the parish over to lay people, priests could do what they are commissioned by God to do – teach.

When is the Church going to revise its thinking on parish operation?

Wilbur Collin

Letter to the Editor - 09/23/13