November 12, 2012

It has been a little over a year since the Edmonton Chapter of the Knights of Columbus, spearheaded by Father Bonner Council, made a donation to Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre that allowed EPCC to purchase a new ultrasound machine to show expectant mothers – and sometimes fathers – contemplating abortion the reality of the babies they are carrying.

Only there is a problem that has meant the “loss” of some of these mothers: EPCC has only one volunteer sonographer (ultrasound technician), who understandably sometimes is not immediately available due to previous engagements or obligations.

These “lost mothers” seldom return for a follow-up appointment, to actually have their free ultrasound performed.

EPCC is looking to form a large enough pool of sonographers and/or NAIT sonography students who would agree to be called until one of them is immediately available to come to EPCC’s office to provide an ultrasound viewing to the waiting mother.

There are no diagnostics involved: only showing the baby and hearing its heartbeat.

If compensation is required, it will be provided up to the average of the hourly fee paid in Edmonton to ultrasound technicians, or to NAIT students looking for practical experience required for their courses.

Dear Reader: if you know someone who is an ultrasound student or technician, please advise them of this plea for help at the Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre.

Have them contact Lorie McMillan at 780-482-5111. If there is no one in the office at the time, please leave a message. Or send Lorie an email at

The Knights of Columbus, and the babies to be saved, will be extremely thankful to everybody involved in this emergency effort.

Andrew Tarnowski