August 20, 2012

Re: "Wheelchair promoter becomes beneficiary himself" (WCR, July 16).

I would like to provide an update to Michael Rodda's initiative.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the parishioners at St. Theresa's Parish and other non-parishioners, St. Peter's Council has raised $27,638.

As a result of Michael's dedication to those less fortunate, an incredible anonymous donation of $28,500 was received by the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation in support of Council 7070's project.

That brings the total raised to $56,138, sufficient for a large container of 180 wheelchairs and only about $1,400 is needed for another small container.

We are in the process of determining where the first container load will be sent and will continue fundraising to fill the second smaller unit.

Richard Rajotte
For Council 7070