April 30, 2012

Re: “Christian unity is a mandate from Christ” (WCR April 2).

“There have been some ecumenical activities in the area and in Edmonton, but in terms of a structure like this, apparently this is the first.”

The Ecumenical Commission is as old as Vatican II and one of the first commissions to open in the archdiocese. There is a very long history of ecumenism in Edmonton Archdiocese.

In “some ecumenical activity,” the word “some” is offensive to the archdiocese that was known across Canada for its commitment and support of numerous and continuous ecumenical activities.

All structures lead to the same goal of education and dialogue with greater understanding of our ecumenical friends. Over the past years, there were week-long sessions, many weekends, many one-day sessions, as well as evenings and ecumenical retreats all dedicated to study and dialogue.

Facilitators, with doctorates in ecumenism and theology, came from various parts of Canada and the United States.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese with the Anglican and Lutheran dioceses, as well as the United Church Presbytery gave a face to dialogue in Edmonton and area. The archdiocese has a history of dialogue with these three denominations.

After several years of absence, it is good to know that an Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue is beginning again.

To those who organized the four days with Sister Fuchs, may God bless you in this very important ministry.

Sr. Rosaleen Zdunich