Corapi denies allegations of misconduct

Fr. John Corapi

Fr. John Corapi

March 28, 2011

Father John Corapi, a popular author and preacher, has been placed on administrative leave from priestly ministry over an accusation of misconduct.

Father Gerard Sheehan, a spokesman for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, said the order is duty-bound to investigate the allegation against Corapi, but he would not reveal its exact nature.

"It is important to keep in mind that this action in no way implies Father Corapi is guilty of the allegation," Sheehan said.

The claim does not involve minors or criminal conduct, he said.

In a March 19 statement, Corapi said, "All of the allegations in the complaint are false, and I ask you to pray for all concerned."

He said he learned on Ash Wednesday, March 9, that a former employee "sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women."

In his statement, Corapi complained that the bishops' procedures to protect minors from sex abuse by Church personnel are "being applied broadly to respond to all complaints," whether the complaint is deemed "to be credible or not."

Corapi said he will cooperate with the process but believes it is seriously flawed and is tantamount to treating the priest as guilty and then determining if he is innocent.

"The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known."