Levada rejects divisive media portrayal of pope

Cardinal William Levada

Cardinal William Levada

November 18, 2013

The retired head of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation said some media portrayals of Pope Francis risk making him appear as a sign of division in the Church.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic newspaper, Cardinal William Levada said, “I think there is a tendency – maybe it’s natural, although, sometimes I think it’s either mistaken or malicious or something in between – but there’s a tendency to look at everything he (Pope Francis) does in contrast to Pope Benedict XVI or Pope John Paul II or both, and try to make a story out of that.”

Levada rejected a “certain tendency that I find in some of the media presentations: ‘Well, now we have a pope who does this, and he’s contradicting what the previous pope did or he’s turning things into a different story’ and so forth. I think that’s way overdone.”