Most surveyed priests dislike missal translation

June 3, 2013

A majority of U.S. priests said they dislike the translation of the Roman Missal introduced at Advent 2011, a new survey found.

Overall, 59 per cent of responding priests said they disliked the new English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal.

At the same time, 39 per cent of respondents said they liked the text.

The survey by the Godfrey Diekmann, OSB Center for Patristics and Liturgical Studies at St. John’s School of Theology-Seminary in Collegeville, Minn., also found that 80 per cent of respondents found some of the language in the missal “awkward or distracting.”

Researchers conducted the survey from February through early May.

A total of 1,536 priests participated, a response rate of 42.5 per cent.