Bible scholars study inspiration and truth

April 22, 2013

The Catholic faith is not centred simply on a book – the Bible – but on Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh, Pope Francis said.

“The sacred Scriptures are a written testimony to the divine Word,” which came before the Bible and exceeds it, the pope said April 12 during a meeting with members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

Commission members met at the Vatican April 9-12 to conclude work on a document about inspiration and truth in the Bible, which is likely to be published in a few months.

Archbishop Gerhard Muller, prefect of the doctrinal congregation and president of the commission, said the point of the document is to help Catholics “overcome both fundamentalism and skepticism.”

The focus on “inspiration,” Muller said, is an attempt to explain the divine origin of the Bible and the focus on “truth” attempts to describe what the Bible says “about God and his plan for salvation.”