Faith cards ID English, Welsh Catholics

February 20, 2012

English and Welsh bishops are producing a million "faith cards" to identify the holders as Catholics in the event of an accident.

The credit card-sized items will be distributed during February and March throughout all dioceses.

The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales announced Jan. 31 the cards should serve "as a reminder that all baptized are invited to know and share their faith."

On one side, the card features a space for the owner to sign a clear statement that he or she is a Catholic.

The cards also feature a list of six things that Catholics are called to do: pray, share with others the joy of knowing Jesus Christ, celebrate the sacraments regularly, "love my neighbour as well as myself," "use the gifts that I have been given wisely," and "forgive as I have been forgiven."

Along the bottom of the card is a sentence that reads: "In the event of an emergency, please call a Catholic priest."