Trying is not good enough; God wants all of you

Michael Chiasson

Michael Chiasson

July 11, 2011

LAC STE. ANNE — When it comes to God and the Church, Calgary's Michael Chiasson is all in and his black T-shirt reveals his stance.

Speaking July 2, he demanded a similar commitment from his audience.

"You may look at me and say I'm crazy. I hope if I'm a fool for something, I'm a fool for the Lord. Amen."

Trying is not good enough, he said. "You kind of sit on the sidelines when you say I'll try."

"When God says I want all of you, he is saying 'I want the good, I want the not-so-good, I want the pretty part of you and the ugly part of you' because God takes that and he transforms that and he makes you whole."

Chiasson said we must say to God, "God, I don't want to be a person that just looks the part; I'm going to be the part."

"The call is now," he continued. "We've got to quit talking about it; we've got to start living it like never before. The Lord is calling you to quit hitting the snooze button. God is calling you just to be faithful right now."