Easter — April 24, 2011
Acts 10.34, 36-43 | Psalm 118 | Colossians 3.1-4 | 1 Corinthians 5.6-8 | John 20.1-18

John Connelly


April 18, 2011

When I think of Easter I think of a sunrise. A sunrise like no other. Light, happiness, peace. Joy that fills our entire being. A hope that will never fade. A new beginning for all who desire truth, justice and love to reign.

We Christians need to meditate on Easter and its meaning for our lives today. It is the great miracle of re-creation. The song that brings life to the world. The moment when the veil of human sorrow is lifted from our hearts.

The empty tomb cries out to all of us. . . . Come forth! Be free! Nothing can conquer love. Nothing can overcome the compassion and mercy of God. Jesus is risen. No corruption, no heartache, no fear, no bad news can overshadow this ultimate reality. Jesus is risen and the new sunrise for all humanity is here.

Love has conquered death. The Lamb of God has washed away the sins of the world in a flood of mercy. The light of heaven shines on this eternal morning.

We can now face any problem or difficulty with a new song. Jesus is risen. My daily crosses are not the end. They only point me home. He is risen. I need never be afraid again.

The world is longing to see an Easter people. A people who experience the resurrection of Jesus in their daily lives. A people who experience the risen Jesus in the everlasting life of faith, hope and love.

No wonder St. Augustine proclaimed that the Christian life should be one great Alleluia from head to toe. Jesus is alive here and now. Alleluia.


I remember celebrating the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom with Archbishop Raya from Madonna House. He stopped at one point looked at us all sternly and said something like, "This is a celebration. Christ is risen. Where is your joy?"

That for me is a profound question: Where is our joy?

Our joy gets lost in a thousand mundane distractions and concerns. We forget as they say in the Divine Liturgy to "lay aside all earthly care." We forget that the eternal sunrise is here.

Joy comes when we enter into the risen life of Jesus. When we rise up with Peter, John, Mary Magdalene and all the saints and cry with all our whole being, "Jesus is risen! Alleluia!"

We need to take up this cry of living victory whenever the world pummels us with its petty lies and deceptions.

Easter is so much more than a one-time historical event. It is the very life of Christianity. We are to rise with Jesus by living the love that he has revealed in his life, death and resurrection.

Do you see the sunrise? Do you hear the eternal Alleluia in the wind?

Let us rejoice my brother, my sister. Easter is truly here. Now and always. Christ is risen.