John Connelly


Holy Family – December 21, 2015
1 Samuel 1.11, 20-22, 24-28 | Psalm 84 | 1 John 3.1-2, 21-24 | Luke 2.41-52
December 21, 2015

What do you and I really believe deep down in the depths of our heart and soul? Do we believe the words in this week's Sacred Scripture?

Do we believe in the story of the virgin who conceived and bore a divine-human son? Do we believe the whole world will one day bow before this great king who came to be born in a stable?

Sometimes it is hard to believe. We see a world in turmoil and strife. We see a world that seems to be headed away from God rather than home to God. Our faith can waver. We get discouraged.

So we look deep within. We look at the seed of faith planted in our hearts. We look at the truth and hope begins to rise within us.

All who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers. - Luke 2.47

'All who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers.'

Luke 2.47

Yes, we do believe war will be conquered by peace. Yes, we do believe life will triumph over death. Yes, we do believe a baby has come among us who will one day rule the world with love. Yes, we believe nothing and no one can overcome the ultimate reign of Jesus.

This is what the Advent and Christmas seasons are about.

It is about believing. It is about believing what the world ignores and tramples upon. It is about believing in a dream that will conquer all lesser dreams. A dream so vast that it encompasses all humanity for all time. The dream of a kingdom of life, love, truth and infinite mercy.

Even when it is hard to believe we must choose to believe. Because this dream comes from God. It is God's dream, God's story that we retell year after year.

So let us read the Scriptures this week and every week and say with Mary, Elizabeth, and all the saints . . . I believe!

I believe even when the world rejects the truth. I believe even when I struggle with my daily cross. I believe even when there is only a dim candle in my night of faith. I believe because there is a still small voice within me saying, "Yes it is true. It is all true."

Choose joy. The joy that is not based on our circumstances in life. The joy that radiates like the sun warming God's people throughout history.

Yes, we believe. We believe and we stake our claim on the promises of Jesus Christ. Let the world scoff if it wants to.

Faith is the greatest gift. It is not dependent on big feasts, lots of money, presents or any worldly treasure. Faith is the great gift of believing in Jesus Christ.

One day the seed of our faith will grow into an eternal destiny more beautiful than anything we can imagine. Let us say it and pray it again and again, "Jesus I believe!"