Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time – February 3, 2013
Jeremiah 1.4-5, 17-19 | Psalm 71 | 1 Corinthians 12.31-13.13 | Luke 4.21-30

John Connelly


January 28, 2013

All of us have a dream. It may be covered by our losses and disappointments but it is there. It is a dream of freedom and love. A dream of making a real contribution to humanity. A dream of friendship, community and sharing life.

It is a dream planted deep in every heart by the God who loves us, created us and sustains us.

We are all meant to dream God's dreams.

The trouble is we lose touch with God's dream for us. We let it get buried. But this pearl of great price remains within. It waits for the moment when we will wake up. When we wake up and see that this media culture we live in is a false reality.

A reality built on dreams and illusions will not last. It is a plastic reality that leads only to brokenness and pain. Some of us awaken and then fall back asleep.

Love is patient; love is kind - 1 Corinthians 12.4

'Love is patient;love is kind'

1 Corinthians 12.4

It is difficult. The "culture of death" seems to permeate the very air we breathe. But we should never lose hope. "We must always remain open to hope and firm in our faith in God" (Pope Benedict).

Yes, Jesus came to wake us up to God's dream. He came to shake us from our complacency. He came to call us back to the Great Reality. The purpose we were created to fulfill. The heroic life of love we are called to live.

Blessed Mother Teresa said it wonderfully: "Jesus is the life to be lived."

If we close our eyes to this world and listen deeply, we will hear God. It may take time but we will hear.

We will hear the Good Shepherd calling to the deepest part of our being. Calling us to arise from slumber and radically follow him.

But if we are honest, this scares many of us. We are afraid of total surrender to God's dream. We are not sure where it will lead.

We are tempted to stay in our comfort zone. We are tempted to live a life without taking risks.

It is indeed a risk to follow Jesus. He calls us to follow him without conditions. To discern and follow the unique call of love presented to each of us.


It matters not if we are young or old. Jesus waits patiently with compassion and love. He waits for us to let go and let him take control.

In many ways, the call to Jeremiah in this week's readings applies to us all: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations" (Jeremiah 1.4).

God has appointed us to be a prophetic people. A people who shine the light of truth in the darkness of our times. A people who allow God's dream to arise within us and be fulfilled.


God's dream for us is not always easy. Sometimes it even appears to be lost. When Jesus died on the cross, it seemed to many of the apostles that everything was over. The dream was extinguished.

But Jesus arises out of the ashes. He arises from the tomb and he arises in the hearts of ordinary people like you and me. He arises within us and calls us to dream God's dream.

Lord Jesus, let me dream your dream for my life and all those around me. Come Lord Jesus. Come.