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Ignatius of Loyola

April 5, 2010
Glen Argan
Western Catholic Reporter

The 16th century Council of Trent, in response to the Protestant Reformation, called for religious imagery that would encourage piety, uphold doctrine and be decorous.


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Major media must be prepared to restore pope's tarnished image

  It is not necessarily a bad thing that major media are asking questions about what Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger knew and didn’t know and how he acted and did not act in sexual abuse cases under his purview before he became pope. Once there was even one mishandled case of clergy sexual abuse discovered during his stint as archbishop of Munich, it was inevitable that questions would be asked.   That such questions are asked while Pope Benedict is alive is better than if they only arose decades after his death. The pope and other people familiar with the situation can respond and set the record straight. We need only recall the difficulty in responding to accusations that Pope Pius XII was soft on the Holocaust, which only began after Pope Pius’ death, to see how much easier it is to deal with accusations about events that are within living memory.   The Church’s first task must be to achieve complete transparency. Unfortunately, a legacy of cover-up of sexual abuse cases makes it difficult to ...

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Family of 10 prepares to become Catholic

March 1, 2010

EDMONTON – “My husband Darryl and I were both raised Protestants, and we were very devout. Then we realized that we are not saved by faith alone, and that’s a Protestant’s pillar,” said Julie Tymchuk, a catechumen from Vegreville.

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The Holy Spirit

February 8, 2010

The Holy Spirit, according to the Second Vatican Council, is the source of the ongoing renewal that must take place in the Church. (Lumen Gentium) describes the Church as “ceaselessly renewing herself through the action of the Holy Spirit” (n. 9).


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