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Exorcism needed due to abuse crisis

May 21, 2012

Re: "Crisis needs more talk, less secrecy, says Kenny" (WCR, April 30).

Words cannot express the chagrin and mortification suffered by the faithful for the utter rot heaped upon their beloved Church by the sex abuse crisis. The perverts gave themselves over to the devil and the devil has done his dirt.

Archdiocese long active in ecumenical activity

April 30, 2012

Re: “Christian unity is a mandate from Christ” (WCR April 2).

Yoga courses betray mission of the Oblates

April 30, 2012

Re: “The Star of the North retires” (WCR, April 9).

Cuts to CCODP cause for rejoicing

April 9, 2012

Federal government funding cuts to CCODP are a cause for rejoicing in the Catholic community. After all, the irony is that this is probably about the only time that any North American government has done anything at all, however indirect, about reducing or restricting abortion in the world, in a very long time.

Women to have their day in God's kingdom

April 9, 2012

M.A. Caskey of Edmonton does not know whether to laugh or cry at comments made by Dianne Willman at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (WCR letters, March 26).

Abortion a function of contraception

April 9, 2012

One of the biggest disgraces in the Catholic Church in Canada happened in post-Vatican II times when the Canadian Catholic bishops dissented on Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae. Up to the present, this stance has not been revoked. The Canadian bishops left the use of contraception up to the consciences of couples.

Cuts to CCODP funding are unconscionable

April 2, 2012

The quote from the 17th century English poet John Dryden "Better shun the bait than struggle in the snare" that appeared in Joe Gunn's article, "Overseas aid battered by storms of cutbacks" (WCR, Feb. 13), was prophetic in terms of what is currently happening with CIDA funding for Development and Peace.

Education Act proposals threaten parental rights

April 2, 2012

Re: "Homeschoolers fear intrusion on parental rights from School Act" (WCR, March 12).

Even muskoxen must heed voice of Jesus

April 2, 2012

I refer to the editorial, "Besieged Church need not withdraw into circle of muskox" (WCR, March 19).

Former nurse tells of hospital sterilizations

March 26, 2012

Re: "U.S. contraception debate won't happen here" (WCR, March 5).