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Do more to fight politicians' stands against life

July 7, 2014

Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring editorial about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ("Pro-lifers must not abandon politics," WCR, May 26). We appreciate and recognize what Cardinal Thomas Collins and Archbishop Richard Smith said about Trudeau's position ("Catholics face barriers to political involvement – Smith," May 26).

Protecting unborn 100 times more important

June 9, 2013

In his article "Commitment to defend life is far-reaching" (WCR, May 26), Bob McKeon, who heads the Social Justice Office for the Edmonton Archdiocese, writes that during his participation at the 2014 Alberta March for Life it was noteworthy that some of the talks took place at Churchill Square because of the Homeless Memorial Monument, a block away, where each year in May people gather to remember and pray for the approximately 40 people experiencing homelessness who died over the previous 12 months.

Rolheiser offers helpful truths about truth

June 9, 2013

In the May 12 WCR, Father Ron Rolheiser unveils some helpful truths about truth. Too many well-meaning people hold onto the notion that they can know absolute truths.

Church should pay heed to Fatima message

May 26, 2013

I am puzzled and saddened that we never see articles about the Fatima message in the WCR. I'm amazed that some priests I've spoken to seem to think they are free to ignore that message and regard it as a matter to accept or discard according to one's whim. Yet this message was authenticated by four popes. Our popes all seem to have a deep and genuine devotion to Mary. Pope John Paul II went to Fatima to dedicate his papacy to the Blessed Virgin.

Retired priests, nuns should support laity

May 26, 2013

Your April 28 WCR carried an interesting commentary on the golden years quoting Sister Mary Rose Marrin ("A spirituality for golden years," Page 20). She stated, "As we get older, our potential for spiritual growth increases." I have had three sisters who became nuns in three different orders. I used to often comment to them how they keep all their spiritual knowledge locked up in their institutions and, when they retire, it should not be in the comfort of their homes.

Gregorian chant elevates our prayers

March 3, 2013

I totally disagree with Brian Spiers ("Sunday Mass changes unpleasant, negative," Letters, Feb. 3). Unfortunately, his comments were very negative regarding what chant is and what it is meant to be for the listeners.

Pickup's article has a smell of heaven

March 3, 2013

I want to thank Mark Pickup for his article, "Christ reveals his body and the image of God to our senses" (WCR, Feb. 3).

New basilica choir may inspire vocations

February 17, 2014

The Spirit of Vatican II is alive and well at the 10:30 Sunday Mass at St. Joseph's Basilica. The changes in the liturgy not only more clearly follow the wishes of the council fathers, but also the instructions in the missal of Pope Paul VI.

Covenant of Care is legal document

February 17, 2014

Volunteers in parishes across the diocese have been asked to sign a "Covenant of Care" agreement with the Edmonton Archdiocese. It is part of a broader plan named Called to Protect the archdiocese purchased through the corporation Praesidium.

Share Lent is more than a collection

February 3, 2014

The theme for this year's Share Lent campaign is One Human Family, Food for All. The Development and Peace campaign materials are excellent in bringing us the message of the one billion voices of humanity whose most basic human right – the right to food – is being denied.