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Call to Protect should be optional

March 23, 2015

I have prayed for some time about this topic and yet every Sunday when I am in church, I feel compelled to write this letter. My concern is the Call to Protect program. I find it wrong on so many levels that we are compelled to take this course rather than making it optional. I have always believed that our Church welcomes sinners, that in fact we are all sinners.

Don't publish Trudeau's picture

March 23, 2015

In the March 9 WCR, Deborah Gyapong's story is accurate ("Bill to fast track euthanasia law quashed"), but why would you put in Justin Trudeau's picture? As far as many of us are concerned, we wonder why you are giving him so much exposure when's he's totally against the teaching of the Catholic Church. Even quoting him, instead of quoting our own physicians and others who have talked about the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada.

Cover photo draws rebuke

March 23, 2015

I am writing to comment on your cover picture (WCR Feb. 23). The picture is dramatic and disturbing which is the intent.

Fundraising concerns remain unresolved

March 23, 2015

The Together We Serve (TWS) immediate and twinned response to "Archdiocesan collection upsets D&P supporter" (WCR letters, Feb. 23) was written more for damage control and attempting to control the message than providing clarity and reaffirm Development and Peace. And it should not be all about maximizing the amount of money collected. It should also be about how and why.

St. Joseph's College offers theological opportunities

March 9, 2015

Re: "Need for theologically-educated laity is growing" (WCR, Feb 23). I was very pleased to see the WCR highlighting the need for a theologically-educated laity. Catholicism has a very rich intellectual tradition, the study of which can feed both the head and the heart and support Catholics in incarnating their faith in the world.

Archdiocesan collection upsets D&P supporter

February 23, 2015

Re: "United appeal for Church charities achieves success" (WCR, Jan. 26).

As a registered and supporting member of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, I have always been and still am a strong advocate of its mission, wonderful work and witness to the cause of social justice.

My Lenten donation will be sent directly to Development and Peace. These are my reasons:

CSS closed office in Bonnyville

February 23, 2015

The article in the Jan. 26 WCR ("CSS enjoys another successful Sign of Hope campaign") states that Catholic Social Services has an office in Bonnyville.

Church reform needed for wounded Catholics

February 23, 2015

I support Cardinal Kasper's theology of mercy and would like to point out that the four letters to the editor (WCR, Jan. 26) have overlooked the essential message given by Christ - forgiveness, love and compassion versus legalism. I have documented a number of divorced Catholics who have gone through the annulment process with great bitterness and disappointment.

Mercy must extend to all who are harmed

January 26, 2015

Recent discussion about the plight of those Catholics who have been civilly divorced and entered into a second marriage has centred on the notion of God's mercy. The argument is simple. If we are merciful as God is merciful, we will allow such persons to receive Holy Communion. >The problem with this simple argument is that it is too simple. A larger context needs to be considered.

Kasper's stance demeans Church's tradition

January 26, 2015

The Church's pastoral practices have always been rooted in mercy and compassion. The manner in which these are expressed varies. However, the essence of every Church doctrine remains intact. Cardinal Walter Kasper challenges the interconnectedness between doctrine and pastoral practice. In his haste to honour Kasper with the Mustard Seed Award ("Kasper honoured by WCR as Church 'mustard seed'," Dec. 29), Glen Argan overlooks legitimate concerns about Kasper's proposal that divorced and civilly remarried Catholics can receive Communion without annulment.



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