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Hope found in the Word, breaking of Bread

Maria Kozakiewicz

April 28, 2014
Third Sunday of Easter
May 4, 2014

Two disciples of Jesus walk away from Jerusalem, sad and disappointed. Their hopes of rebirth of the great kingdom of Israel have been dashed. The great prophet, "mighty in deed and word before God and all the people," has been killed. Jesus walks beside the disciples unrecognized and, at first, just listens to their words, their selfish complaints. They do not pity the Crucified, they pity themselves. "But we were hoping that he would be the one to redeem Israel." They are egocentric, like all of us.

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Jesus 'herds' us with his gentle voice

Kathleen Giffin

April 28, 2014
Fourth Sunday of Easter
May 11, 2014

One of the things I have long appreciated in Roman Catholicism is our valuing of human life in all its dimensions. I'm not referencing "respect for life" but rather the stance that looks out upon all that it is to be human, accepting and embracing and declaring it to be good. We value culture, art, music. We value our bodies, we enjoy the feast with good wine, and we value the simple loaf of bread, fresh baked. Our natural human lives, lived in nature, connected with the seasons and patterns of growth and decay is the context in which we live, and it is a way that God powerfully speaks to us.

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Health care workers may face mandatory immunizations

Gordon Self

April 28, 2014

Reports of new confirmed cases of measles in Alberta are a sober reminder that the effort to stop the transmission of highly contagious illness is everyone's responsibility. Non-immunized persons are at risk of contracting and spreading measles, and are encouraged to get vaccinated. Health care workers who are not immune and are exposed can put not only themselves at risk, but also vulnerable patients or residents. Thus, they may be excluded from work if exposed. Some schools in Calgary have taken similar precautionary measures to contain the risk of spread by sending non-immunized students home.

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Does excommunication send one to hell?

Sr. Louise Zdunich

April 28, 2014

When the Catholic Church excommunicates a member because of his or her different theological conviction, as in the case of a bishop who defied Church authority to ordain a woman to the priesthood, does God deny both the bishop and the woman salvation? Or, is excommunication simply a disciplinary tool of the Catholic Church to exercise her authority over disobedient members?

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Time to overcome the disastrous legacy of residential schools

Lorna Arcand

April 28, 2014

Anyone who goes to Confession regularly knows how hard it is to be honest about your sins. Harder still to say them out loud and apologize. But the conference of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, hosted in Edmonton during the last week of March, was committed to doing both. The TRC is dedicated to honesty about what the Canadian churches and government inflicted on the native population in the residential school system.

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