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Yield, trust in Jesus, let him live in us

John Connelly


April 30, 2012
Fifth Sunday of Easter
May 6, 2012

In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us how to live as authentic Christians. He says . . . "Abide in me as I abide in you." (John 15.5). The word "abide" has interesting connotations.

Patriarch of health care shared wisdom

Gordon Self

April 30, 2012

Last month, at age 85, we lost one of the most influential people in Catholic health care. Father Kevin O'Rourke was described as a "patriarch," whose contributions supporting clinicians and theologians alike to think clearly about the health care ethics issues of our times was incomparable.

Bullying reveals a failure to turn boys into adults

Fr. Robert Barron

April 30, 2012

It is difficult indeed to watch the new documentary Bully without experiencing both an intense sadness and a feeling of helplessness. The film opens with the heartbreaking ruminations of a father whose son committed suicide after being brutally bullied by his classmates.

Christ hears the purity of a child's Prayer

Mark Pickup

April 30, 2012

I entered my room to discover my five-year-old grandson looking up at a large crucifix on the wall above my bed. He turned and asked if that really happened. "Yes it did," I replied.

Politics is one place to determine society's common good

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April 23, 2012

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger gave his famous "dictatorship of relativism" homily shortly before being elected pope in 2005, thoughts of Alberta politics were likely far from his mind. However, we need to ponder our society's dominant myth of relativism every time we draw near a ballot box.

Ten major struggles for faith, Church in our time

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

April 23, 2012

Sometimes the simple act of naming something can be immensely helpful. Before we can put a name on something we stand more helpless before its effects, not really knowing what's happening to us.

Shepherds give their lives for their sheep

Kathleen Giffin

April 23, 2012
Fourth Sunday of Easter
April 29, 2012

Early in my adult journey of faith I had the blessing of living at Christhaven, the diocesan House of Prayer in Montana. Father Joe Oblinger, the priest who was in charge of the prayer community and retreat house, was a wise and prayerful man, committed to his faith.

Many Catholics leave the Church for correctable reasons

Fr. Robert Barron

April 23, 2012

I saw an advance copy of a survey by William Byron and Charles Zech, which will appear in the April 30 edition of America magazine. It was conducted at the request of David O'Connell, the bishop of Trenton, and its focus was simple: it endeavoured to discover why Catholics have left the Church.

Millennium goals fall short on delivery

Bishop Fred Henry

April 23, 2012

In 2000, 189 nations made a promise to free people from extreme poverty and multiple deprivations. The pledge became the eight Millennium Development Goals:

Common good must outstrip 'promises' in defining election

April 23, 2012

To say the least, it would be difficult at present for any Albertan to be unaware that a provincial general election campaign is underway. Since the writ was dropped, the proliferation of campaign-related news stories and of signage that sprouts on lawns and boulevards like some invasive super plant has increased exponentially.

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