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We see road to heaven; its beauty is hidden

Kathleen Giffin

March 23, 2014
Resurrection of the Lord
April 5, 2015

When our children were little, we continued an Easter morning tradition that was part of my childhood. Somewhere in the house the children would find the beginning of a trail of small Easter candies, and they would gather together and begin to follow the path. There were all kinds of rules: they couldn't run on ahead to see where the trail ended, they had to follow the trail, one candy at a time, picking them up one by one in turn, oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest. The ones who were more capable would help those who needed direction, patiently helping them to gather their candy in turn, slowly moving along the path until all the candies were gathered.

Vanier found the path to true happiness

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March 23, 2015

It is fitting that Jean Vanier's doctoral dissertation focused on Happiness as the Principle and End of Aristotelian Ethics. (See story, Page 5.) One can only wonder what he thinks of that topic now that he has spent 50 years happily living with mentally handicapped people. Happiness is the goal of human living, but how does one find it? For Aristotle, it is through a life of virtue.

Taxation must support the common good

Bob McKeon

March 23, 2015

Today in Alberta we find ourselves often talking about government budgets. Because of low oil prices, government revenues are down. Alberta relies heavily on ever-changing revenues from the sale of fossil fuels to balance its budget, between 15 and 40 per cent of total government revenues depending on the year. Of course, world oil and gas prices over the years rise and fall dramatically. When gas and oil prices are high, Alberta has budget surpluses.

In which Bethlehem was Jesus born?

Sr. Louise Zdunich

March 23, 2015

I was surprised recently to read a brief article that indicated we celebrate the wrong place for Jesus' birth as we read it in the Gospels with angels announcing his birth to the shepherds.

News coverage of Iran nuclear program is one-sided hypocrisy

Douglas Roche

March 23, 2015

In all my years of watching distortions and propaganda in the general news media, I have never seen anything to equal the duplicity of the Iran coverage. Israel and right-wing politicians in the U.S., opposing any deal between the Security Council's permanent members (plus Germany) and Iran to ensure Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon, are undermining the prospects for peace in the Middle East, but they don't seem to care.

At foot of the cross, Mary became our spiritual mother

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March 23, 2015

The appearance of Mary, Jesus' mother, and the beloved disciple at the foot of the cross presents a scene perplexing to Scripture scholars. How did they get there? The three synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke – make no mention of Mary in Jerusalem, let alone at the cross. The synoptics do say women were present at the crucifixion, but only at a distance and only after Jesus' death. As for the beloved disciple, the other Gospel accounts say the disciples had fled Jerusalem prior to the crucifixion.

Supreme Court is losing its sense of judicial restraint

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March 9, 2015

The Supreme Court of Canada has a responsibility not only to interpret laws, but also to chuck laws that are plainly unconstitutional onto the garbage heap. The court has done this throughout Canada's history, in one notable case radically redefining the relationship between the federal and provincial governments. The court's ability to overturn laws gained wide expansion, however, with the Constitution Act of 1982 and its Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

God wants us to take pleasure in using our talents

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

March 9, 2015

For the past six months, while undergoing treatment for cancer, I worked on a reduced schedule. The medical treatments, while somewhat debilitating, left me with still enough health and energy to carry on the administrative duties in my present ministry, but they didn't allow any extra energy to teach classes or to offer lectures, workshops or retreats at outside venues, something I normally do. I joked with my family and friends that I was "under house arrest"; but I was so grateful for the energy that I still had that being unable to teach and give lectures was not deemed a sacrifice. I was focused on staying healthy, and the health I was given was appreciated as a great grace.

In the midst of darkness, God's love shines forth

Maria Kozakiewicz

March 9, 2015
Fourth Sunday in Lent
March 15, 2015

This Sunday's readings can be frightening. When I read about the many transgressions of Jerusalem and the punishment that had to come and did come, I could not help thinking about our own times. If the Chosen People who did not know Jesus, who were not given the Holy Spirit, were so severely treated by God, what about us? We have the Gospels, the sacraments, the Holy Spirit and the 2,000-year tradition of the Church.

Our Lenten walk on the path of humility

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March 9, 2015

It was God's humility that prevented people from recognizing Jesus as saviour, and, even today, it is that humility that keeps us from following Christ. If there is one thing we need to learn in Lent, it is humility. But humility is not what we might think it to be. Humility does not involve bowing before greatness; that is a simple recognition of truth. There is no humility in bowing before God; we are acknowledging the truth of God's infinite greatness.

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