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Abortion drug approval further entrenches culture of death

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August 17, 2015

The federal government's July 29 announcement of approval of the RU-486 mifepristone abortion drug was clearly timed to minimize controversy. A decision on the drug was expected in the fall, but came instead in the dead of summer when people's attention is riveted by sandflies and sunny skies. News is of no interest. Any interest stirred by the announcement was quickly diverted by the calling of a federal election.

Tell it like it is when writing a suicide obituary

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

August 17, 2015

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That axiom still holds true surrounding our understanding of suicide. Despite all the advances in our understanding, there remain a number of stigmas around suicide, one of which pertains to how we write the obituary of a loved one who dies in this way. In writing an obituary, we still cannot bring ourselves to write the word suicide: He died by his own hand.

Many 'gods' tempt us in today's world

Lydia Cristini

August 17, 2015
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015

"Decide today whom you will serve." Joshua sure doesn't mince words. So, whom do I serve? In one of my classes at St. Joe's College, I remember learning a useful Martin Luther quotation: "That to which your heart clings is your god." It is just another way of saying what Jesus said when he told us we cannot serve both God and money.

Minimum wage hike is a moral issue

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August 17, 2015

Perhaps the most controversial policy of Alberta's new NDP government is its plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018. Despite the headwinds of opposition, the Notley government should forge ahead and just do it. Paying a living wage is basic morality. The argument against a sharp increase in the minimum wage is that jobs will be lost, mainly in small businesses tempted to try to do the same work with fewer staff.

Pope Francis answers the world's hunger for hope and action

Douglas Roche

August 17, 2015

Pope Francis' trip to the United States in September, including speeches to the U.S. Congress and the UN General Assembly, will certainly put a spotlight on how the leader of the Catholic Church sees the solution to global problems challenging human security in the world today. The pope is not coming into these political bear pits to offer only spiritual consolation.

Keep the poor ever in your heart and actions

Kathleen Giffin

August 17, 2015
22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 30, 2015

I recently heard of a practice that has purportedly risen in Naples in response to the poor in their midst. People will buy a coffee or sandwich in the shops and pay for an extra one "pending." The people on the street know they can go to certain shops and ask if there are any coffees or lunches pending. If someone has paid ahead for one, they get what they need. It is a lovely idea.

Campaign offers chance for euthanasia debate

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August 17, 2015

Many issues are being debated in the current federal election campaign; absent from the list is how elected officials should respond to the Supreme Court decision overturning Canada's laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Such lack of attention is both bizarre and reprehensible.

Digging out roots of family tree uncovers unexpected treasure

Lasha Morningstar

August 17, 2015

Doctors scratched their heads in bewilderment as they tried to puzzle out why a young female relative kept dashing to the biffy. The woman scanned the relatives she knew in search of any genetic history that would let the medics understand what was happening to her. Nothing. Then she mentioned it to me. A lightbulb moment happened to me days later.

Catholics, Church urged to respond to TRC's call to action

Bob McKeon

August 17, 2015

Early this past June, I found I was in Ottawa at the same time as the concluding events of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). Since I had been involved with the Alberta National TRC event held in Edmonton a year earlier, I took advantage of the opportunity to attend this historic event. A special Catholic liturgy was held the previous Saturday at St. Joseph's Church, the historic Oblate parish in Ottawa.

Humanity should show kindly stewardship of animals, plants

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July 27, 2015

The traditional Catholic view is that human beings are the only creature God willed for its own sake as they were created in God's image and likeness. This puts animals and plants on a lower plane of being, a view reflected in the Catechism of the Catholic Church's statement, "Animals, like plants and inanimate beings, are by nature destined for the common good of past, present and future humanity" (n. 2415).

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