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June 3, 2013

Movies about philosophers rarely rise above the spoof level of Monty Python's depiction of a soccer game between German and Greek philosophers (won by the Greeks when Archimedes decides to stop pondering and actually kick the ball).

Embrace the treasures offered by Ordinary Time

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

June 3, 2013

In a marvelous little book entitled, The Music of Silence, David Steindl-Rast highlights how each hour of the day has its own special light and its own particular mood and how we are more attentive to the present moment when we recognize and honour these "special angels" lurking inside each hour.

Jesus guided Saul's journey to become Paul

Ralph Himsl

June 3, 2013
10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
June 9, 2013

The first words of today's Second Reading from Paul's letter to the Galatians catches our attention by their simplicity: "I want you to know . . ." - words that invite us into the personality of this remarkable person – such an instrument in the early spread of the message of Jesus' gift to the world.

You have power to rise above fears in a cruel world

Lasha Morningstar

June 3, 2013

"It doesn't matter." Too often we say these words out loud or silently to ourselves.

Why will there be a general judgement?

Sr. Louise Zdunich

June 3, 2013

Why does Scripture say there will be a general judgment since we will all be judged at our death?

Human dignity is based on our relationship with God

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May 27, 2013

Christianity and secular liberalism both hold the enhancement of human dignity to be one of society's key goals. However, what those two traditions each mean by "human dignity" is quite different. To understand what is happening in today's society, it is helpful to explore those different meanings.

Jesus gathers his dead into safer and gentle hands

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

May 27, 2013

One of my jobs as a priest is to preside and preach at funerals. Never an easy task.

Awaken the sleeping giant of faith within

John Connelly

May 27, 2013
Corpus Christi
June 2, 2013

Imagine a sleeping giant suddenly beginning to awaken. A massive giant with great power and wisdom. A giant so large that its body literally covers the entire world.

Angel cradles affirm worth of every person

Gordon Self

May 27, 2013

Earlier this month, Covenant Health opened two newborn safe havens in Edmonton at the Misericordia and Grey Nuns Community Hospitals. They are the first newborn safe havens in Alberta, intended to augment the existing safety net and to help prevent unsafe abandonment that threatens the life, dignity and respect owed to vulnerable newborns.

Modern skepticism about reason leads to a dead end

Fr. Robert Barron

May 27, 2013

Classical philosophy and science sought to understand things in terms of Aristotle's four causes: material (what something is made of), formal (a thing's essential structure), efficient (how it got the way it is) and final (its purpose or destiny).

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