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Will Christ be alive in me today

John Connelly

April 14, 2014
Easter Sunday
April 20, 2014

Jesus is risen! This is the sacred cry of the Church in this holy season. We celebrate the reality that Jesus has overcome death so that we might all have eternal life. The question we need to ask ourselves is – Is Jesus risen in me? Is he alive in me today?

Caging criminals is rarely a good solution

Lasha Morningstar

April 14, 2014

Chances are you will eat your dinner when you want. Go to bed when you want. Go out the door when you want. Inmates can't. So why should we care? They broke a law, maybe many laws. They deserve to be there. Really?

In God's perfect love, suffering makes sense

Mark Pickup

April 14, 2014

When I met Moira (not her real name) she was completely broken-hearted. As the old song says, "I can tell by your eyes, you've probably been crying forever." That was Moira. The 42-year-old mother had developed severe chronic progressive multiple sclerosis which put her into a wheelchair within a year of her diagnosis. Moira's husband left her, and their only daughter went with him.

Risen Lord comes to offer forgiveness

Ralph Himsl

April 14, 2014
Second Sunday of Easter
April 27, 2014

When I read today's excerpt from John's Gospel telling of Jesus' post-resurrection appearance to his disciples, the simplicity of the description seemed scant in view of the subject. Consider the scene: Jesus came and "stood among them."

Scarboro missioner's book recounts major shifts in thinking

Joe Gunn

April 14, 2014

The first time Father Charlie Gervais came to my front door, he was wearing a wig and a bathrobe. This is not a missionary's usual garb. But then, Charlie is no usual missionary. He was accompanied by Father Mike Traher (now a missioner in Guyana), who was also weirdly attired. Their goal, as my poor mother opened the door, was to engage this devout woman in a conversation designed to lead to her conversion.

Pope John Paul II will be seen as one of greatest popes

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March 31, 2014

On April 27, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized. Both were great men who made epochal contributions to the Catholic Church. While John XXIII made an enormous contribution to transforming the Catholic Church, John Paul II is one of the greatest popes in the Church's 2,000-year-history, perhaps the greatest.

Soul's dark nights can bring one to greater purity

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, omi

March 31, 2014

After Mother Teresa died, her diaries revealed something that shocked many people, namely, during the last 60 years of her life, from age 27 until she died at age 87, she struggled to imagine that God existed and had no affective experience of either the person or the existence of God. Yet, during all those years, everything in her life incarnated and radiated an exceptional, one-in-a-hundred-million, selflessness, altruism and faith commitment.

In time of suffering, trust in the Lord

Maria Kozakiewicz

March 31, 2014
Fifth Sunday of Lent
April 6, 2014

What were Mary's and Martha's thoughts during Lazarus' illness and dying? Those who have nursed a loved one during such time may know. On one side, there is the growing realization that the dreaded moment creeps closer and closer. On the other side, nursed by shreds of prayer and stories of miracles, there is childlike hope. Maybe, maybe, God will hear our pleas and those eyes that are closing will open, healthy and joyful. All will be well again. Maybe.

A church committed to fighting racism

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March 31, 2014

The Alberta bishops' recent pastoral letter on Indian residential schools did many positive things. Besides again apologizing for Catholic involvement in the schools and inviting the Catholic community to participate in the March 27-30 Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings in Edmonton, the bishops also said "God is speaking to us today through the gifts of aboriginal culture and spirituality."

Big Bang points to creation's beauty

Fr. Raymond de Souza

March 31, 2014

The Big Bang has captured the scientific and popular mind as the spectacular beginning of the entire universe. There is even an eponymous sitcom which, to judge from what is available on airplanes, might just be the most popular television program ever made. The Big Bang. At one moment there was nothing and then the next moment – bang! – it was there, an explosive mix of all that would become, slowly but inexorably, all that is.